Michael Song


Thanks to Elisa Visher in the Boots Lab for this great photo.

Mick ’21 is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Skyline College in the San Mateo County Community College District and proud member of AFT 1493. They currently teach introductory biology for majors and non majors. Mick is passionate about the California community college system and is always happy to talk to graduate students interested in pursuing this path which includes salaries starting around six figures, excellent benefits and pension, summers off, straightforward tenure expectations, and no research expectations. However, you can’t keep Mick away from research—he’s still around (digitally) working with Carl and Fay-Wei on the CCGP project and running more plant-syncom experiments with the Mehlferber-Koskella labs (See their most recent Current Bio paper). For more information go to: https://michaelsongagradstudent.github.io 

Digital Contact:
michael_song [at] berkeley [dot] edu