Mentorship award

My mentees are the best!

I’ve had the HUGE honor of receiving the Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award!! This is a huge deal–I can’t think of an honor that would mean more to me. And, really, it’s a testament to how awesome the extended rLab graduate students are–mentorship awards are really menteeship awards, after all. Thank you all so much!!!!

We also got to go to a sweet ceremony/reception. With light snacks!

We are so great!
I look like my dad.
They gave me a crystal!
Paparazzi in action.
Ixchel killed it.

Full circle field trip


We went to the field. Again!

One of the rlab’s first field trips was to Jepson Prairie, one of the few remaining high quality vernal pools in California, and chock-full of crazy plants. This March (yes, this post is overdue) Jenna made a norCal visit, providing us with the perfect excuse to visit the prairie again. It was so good to be back–I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Look at that botanist!
Sonia was SO patient with Conrad. Conrad over a month later: “Sonia loves me very much”.