Fern Labs United

The pteridological community is pterrific! Other labs in the pursuit of knowledge and all things seed-free and vascular include:

Barker Lab – University of Arizona

Barrington Lab – University of Vermont

Beck Lab – Wichita State University

Der Lab – University of California, Fullerton

Grusz Lab – University of Minnesota, Duluth

Korall Lab – Uppsala Universitet

Li Lab –  Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University

Link-Perez Lab – Oregon State University

Moran Lab – New York Botanical Garden

Perrie Lab – Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Pittermann Lab – University of California Santa Cruz

Pryer & Windham Labs – Duke University

Ranker Lab – University of Hawaii, Manoa

Rouhan Lab – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

Schuettpelz Lab – Smithsonian Institution

Sessa Lab – New York Botanical Garden

Sigel Lab – University of New Hampshire

Tuomisto Lab – University of Turku

Vasco Lab – Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Watkins Lab – Colgate University

Wolf Lab – University of Alabama at Huntsville

Zhang Lab – Missouri Botanical Garden


(with apologies to Emily of Sessa Lab fame, from whom I flagrantly copied this idea)