Candidate Forrest!


Forrest passed his quals!

Forrest makes history by becoming the first Rothfels lab PhD candidate–congratulations Forrest, and well deserved!!

Forrest relishes his advancement to candidacy with a rare glass of champagne. You know Forrest is happy when! Note also the life-size Isoetes illustration.


Forrest accepting his Ceremonial Candidacy Fern Boa. He wore it well.


And his ceremonial hot sauce gift. Unsurprisingly, he was already familiar with “the original hottest sauce in the universe”– I believe he described it as “actually pretty hot.”



Rothfels Lab April 2017


Our first lab photo! And already out of date, since Maryam will be joining our lab shortly (and maybe Carrie and Joyce!). I’ll be more diligent in future, and update our lab photo more regularly. This version can be archived here for posterity so that Forrest and Mick, as they approach graduation and beyond, can look back upon their youth…

The Rothfels lab and associates, circa April 2017. Standing, L to R: John Game, Alan Smith, Paco Perfectti, Forrest Freund, Ingrid Jordon-Thaden; crouching (tigers): Gahun Boo, Carl Rothfels, Mick Song. Forrest is excited about having his photo taken, and Mick–those boots! Amazing. (Note the artfully arranged Athyrium).