Good bye Keir! :-( :-( :-(

But Green Bay is only a zoom away, hooray!

It was a beautifully sunny late-May day when the rlab gathered to socially-distanced-celebrate Keir and the Wefferwoos, and wish them bon voyage as they sail off to the verdant hills (and inlets, apparently) of Green Bay, where Keir will adopt the mantle of Fewless Curator at UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Center for Biodiversity.

We are very proud, and we miss you already–you leave behind very long shirtsleeves to fill! More importantly, though, congratulations to all of Team Wefferwoo, and we look forward to seeing you soon–first digitally, and then shortly in person, I’m sure. There are many more good times ahead, sciencey and otherwise!!



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